Deputy of Education and Graduate Studies


Dr. Hamdi Abdi

email : hamdiabdi[at]

  083-34274542: Phone

fax : 083-34274542

Job description of deputy education and graduate

Implementation of approved educational regulations and regulations
Planning and setting of policies and procedures necessary for the implementation of the educational council of the university
Monitoring the implementation of training groups and efforts to solve their educational problems
Preparing and adjusting the educational policies of the faculty and presenting it to the head of the faculty
Supervise all undergraduate student training activities
Studying educational misconduct through the disciplinary committee
Evaluating the annual educational performance of faculty and faculty staff in order to improve the quality of their activities.
Establishing communication and coordination with the relevant directors of the university's university deputy in order to implement the regulations and approved educational guidelines.
Supervise all educational and research activities of undergraduate and postgraduate students
Regular sessions of the College's College of Education and Research
Evaluation of Educational and Research Activities of Graduate Students
Establishing and coordinating with the university's postgraduate management to implement relevant regulations
Supervising the implementation of postgraduate and postgraduate examinations
Participate in meetings of the Graduate Council of the University and reflect the results of the college