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History of Electrical Engineering Department

The Electrical Engineering Department was founded in 1371 with the recruitment of undergraduate student electronics in the Faculty of Engineering. The undergraduate group in power and telecommunication trends in 2009 and 2013, in master's degrees and electronic doctorate respectively, in the years 2000 and 2009, master's degree and Ph.D. degree in 2011 and February 2012 and BS Senior Telecom has started operating since 1390. The laboratory facilities of this laboratory are electrical circuit and measurement, electronic laboratory, circuit board laboratory, pulse technology laboratory, microprocessor laboratory and electrical machinery lab. Based on the experience of its faculty members in the field of electronic, power, telecommunication, control and medical engineering in line with the scientific, research and educational goals of the country to train qualified and efficient personnel in the country and carry out reliable research. Discuss and present in the world.
 The electrical engineering discipline has classical power, electronics, telecommunications, and control trends, which are now included in the field of medical engineering and information technology. With the increasing spread of knowledge and the need to create specialized fields of each of their high trends, they have diverse branches of research and industry. In this case, we can design the branches of electrical machines, transmission systems, and electronics in the field of power, electronics physics, analog and digital circuit design, computer architecture, RF circuits in e-direction, network design and telecommunication systems, signal processing , Microwave devices, antenna design in telephony, digital control, artificial intelligence and neural networks in medical control and engineering. One of the oldest associations in the world is the IEEE and within the Iranian Society of Electrical Engineers, which is held annually by the International Conference on Iranian Electrical Engineering at a university in the country. With such an extension, it can be said that electrical engineering plays a key role in the industry and human life.
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Electrical Engineering - Power - Telecommunications



Electrical Engineering - Power - Telecommunications - Medical Engineering



Electrical Engineering - Power - Telecommunications